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        The HT9261 series are CMOS-based PFM step-up DC-DC Converter. The converter can start up by supply voltage as low as 0.8V, and capable of delivering maximum 200mA output current at 3.3V output with 1.8V input Voltage.Quiescent current drawn from power source is as low as 7uA. All of these features make HT9261 series be suitable for the portable devices, which are supplied by a single battery to four-cell batteries.
        To reduce the noise caused by the switch regulator, HT9261 is well considerated in circuit design and manufacture, so that the interferer to other circuits by the device is reduced greatly.
        HT9261 integrates stable reference circuits and trimming technology, so it can afford high precision and low temperature-drift coefficient of the output voltage.
        HT9261 is available in SOT-89-3、SOT-23-3 and SOT-23-5 packages which is PB free. And in 5-pin packages, such as SOT-23-5, the device can be switch on or off easily by CE pin, to minimize the standby supply current



        Deliver 200mA at 3.3V Output voltage with 1.8V input Voltage
        ? Low start-up voltage (when the output current is 1mA)-------0.8V
        ? The converter output voltage can be adjusted from 2.5V~6.0V(In 0.1V step).
        ? Output voltage accuracy -----------±2%
        ? Low temperature-drift coefficient of the output voltage---------------- 100ppm/℃
        ? Only three external components are necessary: An inductor, a Schottky diode and an output filter capacitor
        ? High power conversion efficiency---85%
        ? Low quiescent current drawn from power source---------- <7uA

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